Chicken Soup for the Doggie Soul Pupsicles

This is an older Four Paws Acupuncture blog post, however with the brutally hot weather still hitting us, it seemed apropos to post again.

Make sure the broth DOES NOT contain Onions!!!!!!!! And please check to see if your dog has chicken allergies.

During this hot humid weather i have been giving my dog patients a pupsicle made from chicken soup which is frozen inside plastic containers with lids. The dogs seem to love just licking on these as if they were eating a Popsicle. It keeps them occupied during their sessions too. Some dogs will try to take the frozen block out of the container once it has melted a bit. You can put it in their food bowl.

Make sure your dog is supervised while eating these. Some dogs, especially food obsessed labs will like to try to put the entire container in their mouth! You may want to break up the frozen block into smaller pieces for those dogs.

You can add other ingredients to this. I cook like my Italian grandmothers, which means i do not like to measure things. Since i tend to burn things left unattended, using a medium sized crock pot is the easiest method for me. If you use a larger crock pot add a bit more of each of these ingredients.

* Add about 2 of the 32 oz.containers of organic chicken broth to the crock pot with filtered water. Wolfgang Puck makes an onion free broth OR you could add your own chicken broth. (Trade Joes makes an onion-free turkey broth too.) Make sure there are no onions in it.

* Add about 5-8 peeled then shredded carrots. (you can buy them at Trader Joes already shredded!)

* Add 2-4 stalks of finely chopped celery (not necessary!)

* About 2 tablespoons of dry parsley if you have it. (Very good for stinky dog breath)

* Add 3-4 pieces of free range organic frozen or fresh boneless chicken or turkey.

*Mix it up as best as you can. Put the lid on and cook on low for about 7 hours or on high for about 4 hours. Mix the soup during the day and try to break up the chicken.

Let it cool for about 45 minutes. Then spoon the mixture into Tupperware type plastic containers. Put the lids on securely. Turn upside down and place in freezer. This way the chicken will freeze at the top of the container. Let freeze over night. Or you can also use ice cube trays.

Allow the container to thaw for about 10 minutes to make it easier for the dog to lick.

Do not give this frozen pupsicle to your dog during cold weather!

Natural Solution for Fleas!

It’s Flea Season!


To rid your home of fleas, spread a box of Mule Team Borax (available in your store’s laundry soap isle), over your carpet. Use a broom and sweep it into the carpet. Wait a couple of hours then vacuum. The residual borax that remains in the carpet will kill the fleas and their larvae simply by drying them out.

Make sure your pets do not walk on the floor while the Borax is there. It can be absorbed into their feet.