Spring Sale!


Welcome Spring! (OK.. Mother Nature is still taking a nap and sending snow, ice and sleet…. but we can pretend it is spring. Celebrating the return of Eostara with a sale at the Four Paws Healing Emporium.

Take 10% off all Healing Pet Amulets, Jewelry for people and Spirit Dolls through Sunday 3/25/18. Just in time for Easter, Mother’s Day, Earth Day and all those spring birthdays. https://shop.planetcalamari.com/healing-pet-amulets


Protect Me Healing Pet Amulet Collection


Crystals and gemstones have been used since ancient times for protection, spiritual and medicinal purposes. This collection has been inspired by the wisdom of Native Americans and other cultures who used gemstones and charms to for protection. Angels, St Francis of Assisi, Hamsa and Eye beads along with turquoise, hematite, rose quartz and tiger’s eye are used to create one of a kind healing pet amulets.

Each amulet is handcrafted and unique. All stones are saged, cleared and charged with Reiki healing energy by Jeanie Mossa, licensed acupuncturist, Reiki Master and holistic healer.

More info at: https://shop.planetcalamari.com/healing-pet-amulets

Healing Pet Amulet Info Updates


Good news for all those who would like to carry our line of Healing Pet Amulets in their shops.

Healing Pet Amulets created with crystals and semiprecious gemstones are available online at the Four Paws Healing Emporium and at Sacred Circle in Old Town, Alexandria VA. Please note that we do not sell wholesale to any shops within 5 miles of a business that is already carrying this line.


Wholesale information for all those pet shops and metaphysical stores that are interested in carrying our line of Healing Pet Amulets can be found at:https://shop.planetcalamari.com/wholesale-healing-pet-amulets

All crystals and gemstones are cleared with sage and charged with Reiki.


Handcrafted by licensed acupuncturist & Reiki Master, Jeanie Mossa in Old Town, Alexandria VA.

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Healthy Vibes Pet Amulet

Genuine semiprecious stones & crystals for sick, wounded and chronically ill pets.


This is not a substitute for veterinary care!

Crystals have been used since ancient times for healing, medicinal purposes and spiritual practices as well as adornment. Gemstones and crystals are said to help heal emotions, calm the mind and reduce stress. In my holistic animal practice, I treat so many Rescues who have been abandoned, abused and traumatized. It is these dear beings who have inspired these amulets.

These pet amulets may be attached to your pet’s collar, crate, cage or placed well hidden in its bed. (Please make sure it is in a place your pet is not able to eat or swallow!)

Rose Quartz – Known as the Love Stone.  Aids in bonding and unconditional love. Helps your pet to accept love and companionship. Calming and reduces stress. Helps pets to adjust to new situations and homes. A must for Rescues and abused animals.

Amethyst – One of the best healing and calming stones used to reduce stress, anxiety, rattled nerves or disorientation. Great for Rescues and couch potato pets. Clears negative energy. Aids in reducing pain.

Turquoise – Known as the Master Healer of Stones. Used for protection from being stolen, straying, accidents or abuse. Used for pets with arthritis. Said to have an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect.

Brown Snowflake Jasper – Nurturing and grounding stone. Supports inner strength and tranquility during times of stress, illness or danger.  Helps alleviate fears. Used for chronically ill pets.

Lapis Lazuli – For pets who seemed depressed and or aggressive. Said to control anger. Aids in communication. Use for respiratory issues, neck problems, vocal chords and thyroid gland.

Please note every semiprecious stone has its unique color, texture and size. Photographs do not capture the true hues of these gems. You may choose a large clip or small clip. Please specify if you have a preference when ordering. All come with a complete detailed list of each stone and its meaning.


Four Paws Healing will be donating a percentage of all sales to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. We have researched various non-profits who are reaching out to the abandoned pets of our recent hurricanes and these guys are the best! Please visit their site: http://www.bwar.org

All stones have been cleared and charged with Reiki.

Handcrafted with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa.

Four Paws Healing

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Wholesale Inquires Welcome. Please contact us at Four Paws Healing.