Treating Dogs with TCM Class for Acupuncturist & Veterinarians

Course: Treating Painful Canine Disorders with TCM
by Jeanie Mossa Kraft, L.Ac.

Please note that NCCAOM CEUs are no longer available for this class. Due to the cost the NCCAOM fees and the amount of paper work and hoop jumping to get this approved every few years I decided to make this available to all licensed acupuncturists and veterinarians for a reduced rate. Visit 

Revised 2013 Edition

Combining audio and written materials, this course presents strategies for treating pain and arthritis (Bi Syndrome) in dogs using acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Course subjects include diagnosis, acupuncture points, Chinese herbal formulas, nutrition and lifestyle changes. The intended audience is licensed acupuncturists, with a background in acupuncture, Chinese herbs and Chinese medical theory.

At the completion of this course, it is expected that the student will be able to:

  • Understand and apply special considerations when administering acupuncture to dogs.
  • Understand Bi Syndrome and arthritis as it relates to dogs.
  • Take a complete canine medical history.
  • Diagnose arthritic pain and movement disorders in dogs.
  • Treat Bi Syndrome in dogs with acupuncture, herbs and diet

Treating Painful Canine Disorders with TCM Course includes: